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Simple pricing for uncomplicated growth

Our goal is to provide you with a powerful management and sales tool, regardless of the size of your company.

That's why we've designed MiReservaOnline as a Cloud SaaS Platform.


This means that we offer software that does not need to be installed, as it is accessible from the internet from any device, and whose cost depends only on the reservations and sales that are managed with it.


All functionalities are available to all companies from the first moment and at the same rates.


In this way, we adapt to companies of any size and support the growth of new projects.



To start

Platform registration


Service registration




Platform use

Reservations without payment on the platform

Reservations managed from the platform where the platform is not used for payment: 

Offline reservations, free service reservations such as Freetours or reservations from OTAs.

0,20 € / reservation

Reservations with payment from your website

Reservations made from your website in which the customer pays using the platform.
This cost already includes the bank commissions for the customer's payment.

You don't need to hire an online TPV or sign up for PayPal or similar systems.

0,20 € + 5 % / reservation

Reservations with payment from affiliates

Reservations from affiliates.

A commercial network in which we include your services to promote them. 
You decide the commission (% afi) that you want to give to the affiliates for the sale of your services.

0,20 € + 5 % + % Afi / reservation


MiReservaOnline can apply any cancellation policy that you indicate to us.

When a customer cancels or modifies a reservation and this involves a total or partial refund of the paid amount, that operation has a cost for us.

The first €500 refunded in each billing cycle will not have a cost for you.

For the rest of the refunds, we will apply a refund fee.

0% up to 500 € refunded

5% of the rest

Do you have any doubts? Contact us y and we will inform you without any commitment.



What makes us unique

MiReservaOnline offers a unique billing model and features that allow you to have a very powerful management and sales tool with a cost that adapts to the size of your company.

Start now at no cost

  • Free sign up
  • No commitment required
  • No exclusivity
  • No maintenance fees
  • Free service configuration
  • Unlimited services & reservations
  • No need to sign up for an online POS


  • No basic / pro plans
  • No premium features
  • All options for everyone
  • Continuously developed
  • Improvements based on your feedback
  • With your own personal advisor
  • With phone and email support

Pay as you grow

  • Rates based solely on reservations
  • That you can charge to your customers
  • Decide your commissions to affiliates
  • No fixed monthly costs
  • No volume plans
  • Free if you don't use the platform
  • Zero risk


What's next?

If you have any questions or would like us to explain how we work

Contact us

If you want to know what the platform is like from the inside and all the tools it offers

Get a free demo

If you like what you've already seen, we can start working together whenever you like

Sign up for free
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